Species At Risk Act (SARA) and Recovery Strategies

At Grow Wild! we are well versed in SARA, COSEWIC and other relevant guidelines that pertain to endangered species.

The Species At Risk Act, known as SARA became law in June 2003. SARA prohibits killing, harming, harassing, capturing or taking species at risk and destroying their critical habitats.

SARA is governed by Environment Canada, Parks Canada, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada and was created to protect wildlife species from extinction.

Recovery strategies for SARA

We plan, develop, advise and coordinate the implementation of the Species At Risk Program in accordance with the Species at Risk Act and other relevant legislation and policy.

Recovery strategies include:

  • Describe the ecology/biology of the endangered species and its needs
  • Identify threats to its survival and classify the species’ critical habitat, where possible
  • Provide examples of activities that are likely to result in destruction of the critical habitat
  • Set goals, objectives and approaches for species recovery and identify information gaps that should be addressed
  • Writing action plans
  • Public outreach to landowners and other interested persons on SARA through brochures, questionnaires, open houses, mailing and home visits.

Our Work With Engelmann’s Quillwort

Paul Heydon Biological Consulting Recovery Team has performed field research on the ecology and biology of the Engelmann’s Quillwort and prepared several detailed reports on the recovery.

A brochure and questionnaire on the intrinsic and evolutionary importance of the Engelmann’s quillwort was handed out to interested people that were encountered during the ecological and biological investigation of this species at risk.

An up to date list of landowners was compiled from the land registry of homeowners that lived near the sites that contained Engelmann’s quillwort. A cover letter, brochure and questionnaire was mailed to homeowners.


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